There’s no possible way I can get to a thoughtful and complete post today, but rather than give up on NaBloPoMo on day 18, I’ll blog quickly about my son’s self-portrait that we saw at his parent-teacher conference today.

Here is the work of art in question:


What my husband and I love about this portrait is the attention to two features of which our son is very proud.  First, his skin.  A few years ago, he expressed some discomfort about looking “different,” and my husband came up with the best description of the specific brown of our son’s face and body: cinnamon.  My husband got out some cinnamon and shook it out so our son could compare his skin, and it was a perfect match.  Ever since, he’s taken tremendous pride in the color of his skin, and we’re so glad he found the perfect match in the Crayola box for this project.

Second, his hair.  Notice the tight curls that he drew around his head.  Granted, our son has a love-hate relationship with his hair.  He loves to grow it longer, but hates that we have to pick it out.  So every few months, he decides it’s time to have “no hair” again.  We take him down to the barber and they shave his head right down to stubble.  He grins from ear to ear and laughs hysterically that he is “bald.”  In the picture he drew of himself, he took great care to show his tight curly kinky hair; hair that we love and that is a distinctive part of who he is.

We hope this is indicative of a positive self-image for this brilliant, amazing, and loving young man!


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