Sad Gay Dads

NOT the composer of The Lion King

There’s not much to report at this time of year from our family.  We run from holiday event to holiday event, all the while juggling the regular insanity of after school ballet/gymnastics/music lessons.  The most notable event took place in the car yesterday as we drove more than an hour to a birthday party in New Hampshire.

The other night, we watched the excellent HBO documentary Six by Sondheim.  For the long car ride on Saturday, I shuffled the songs on my Sondheim playlist since he was on the brain.  The kids have been indoctrinated with enough musical theater at this point that we can play “Name That Show” with them.  The kids can name Xanadu, WickedLes Miserables, Oklahoma, and more in about six notes, but Sondheim is a little more nuanced than they can typically handle.  They’re pretty accurate after a few bars of West Side StoryGypsySweeney Todd, and Into the Woods, and from time to time they can even guess Sunday in the Park with George.

Yesterday though, my iPhone shuffled in “You Could Drive a Person Crazy” from Company.

Our Son: “This is The Lion King!”

Me: “I am so disappointed in you.”

Him: “What?  It has the same beat!”

Try not to call Child Protective Services right away.  We’re already sick over it.  We’ll do our best to right this wrong as soon as possible.


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